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Adele Drew Scholarship

Each year Beta Kappa Beta awards scholarships to two Texas collegiate chapters. One $250 scholarship goes to a member of the Southern Methodist University chapter, and another $250 scholarship is given to a member of another Texas collegiate chapter on a rotating basis. The recipient can use the money to her discretion. 

If you would like to contribute to the Adele Drew Scholarship, you can donate here.

Scholarship applicants must complete the Adele Drew Scholarship application. It is a one-page application in which the applicant is asked to illustrate what it means to be an Alpha Chi Omega sister.  


Applications should be submitted to Kaitlin Kelley at  

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Adele Fieve Drew

Adele Fieve Drew, a 1939 initiate of the Alpha Lambda chapter, was National President of Alpha Chi Omega from August 1970 until August 1976—one of Alpha Chi Omega’s longest serving Presidents. In her honor and with her donations, the Beta Kappa Beta alumnae chapter created the Adele Drew Scholarship fund. 


Her leadership roles in Alpha Chi Omega spanned 34 consecutive years. Not only was she a National President but also Province President, District Alumnae Chairman, National Chairman of Fraternity Education, National Chairman of Social Development, Convention Manager, and National Alumnae Vice President. 


Alpha Chi Omega was a family affair for the Drews. For the 34 years, when Adele held leadership positions, she made sure that all family vacations were planned around Alpha Chi’s national meetings. Adele’s love of her family and their support for Alpha Chi Omega were evident. 


The Alpha Chi Omega symphony held a special place in Adele’s heart, especially the line “To see beauty even in the common things of life”. Adele appreciated nature and enjoyed watching birds from her kitchen table as well as feeding them, and watching flowers bloom. 


Adele wrote an article for The Lyre summer issue 1976 titled “Looking Back Six Years.” Her words still stand strong and meaningful today. Here is an excerpt from that article.


“Yours, then, is a growing, constantly updating, vital Fraternity. Its growth has steadily continued in spite of depression, recession and four wars. The need for this kind of life-long association has been amply demonstrated as we continue. We have been given much and we have much to give. You are the future of the Fraternity.” 


Adele Fieve Drew was a wonderful leader, role model, and sister.  Her legacy lives on through this scholarship and through our past winners. 

Adele Drew
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